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2022 Late Harvest Semillon


Our Late Harvest Semillon is a single vineyard wine, sourced from a mature vineyard in the Hunter Valley. There is also a small amount of Gewürztraminer at this vineyard, which we picked and co-fermented with the Semillon which gives the wines an extra dimension. The 2022 vintage, in many ways, was a mirror of 2021. With above average rainfall in the winter months, the vines were set up perfectly for the growing season. Cooler temperatures over the summer period meant that there was no rush to begin harvest and we began about a seven to ten days later than normal. All of the fruit was in remarkable condition with intense fruit flavours coupled with high natural acidity. The fruit was picked riper than normal and took place in the early hours of the morning when the fruit is at its coolest. The grapes were gently pressed and then fermented at cool temperatures in stainless steel tanks before fermentation was stopped early, leaving the wine with a generous amount of residual sugar, perfectly balancing the wine’s acidity.

A distinctly different and refreshing off dry style of Semillon with an intoxicating nose of lime zest, florals and spice. The palate is zesty and vibrant with juicy fruit and a generous amount of residual sugar, creating a dangerously drinkable style of Semillon.

Alcohol – 9%
Cellaring – Designed for immediate enjoyment

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